I am Kali Kay, an embodiment of elegance and allure. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am a sweet, sexy, and sophisticated elite companion who exudes grace and confidence at the age of 32. 

With an innate ability to command attention in any room, I navigate life with poise, embracing both my inner strength and sensuality. My refined taste transcends fashion and culture, leaving a trail of inspiration wherever I go. A true visionary, I combine intelligence and charm to effortlessly captivate those lucky enough to encounter me. Whether I am indulging in the world of haute couture while savoring a flavorful cocktail, exploring the far corners of the globe, spending a day on the golf course perfecting my swing, pursuing modeling, or keeping my body tight for you, I approach my hobbies with the same passion that defines every aspect of my life.


My ideal first date mirrors my extraordinary taste. Picture a candlelit rooftop dinner with a panoramic city view, where a symphony of flavors dance through meticulously crafted dishes. The evening would be a harmonious blend of meaningful conversations, shared laughter, and a connection that transcends the ordinary. It’s a glimpse into the depth of my character and the world I effortlessly dominate, reaffirming that sweetness, sexiness, sophistication, and a life well-lived can coexist harmoniously, even in matters of the heart.

Through my unique blend of charm, personality, and a fun-loving spirit, I radiate an undeniable aura of grace and refinement that leaves an everlasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to cross my path. I eagerly look forward to spending time together and sharing moments that will be equally unforgettable. 

Yours truly,



“Kali’s sincere enthusiasm and authenticity elevate her to a category unto its own.”

“She is gorgeous with a flawless body — simply a wonderful star of the show!  The time was simply not enough and I see more visits in our future.  @kalikay is the real deal!!” 

“I’ll be honest, words can’t even begin to describe how amazing Kali is. It’s been couple of weeks and I still can’t get her out of my head” 

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Although gifts are never anticipated, their presence are always cherished and their impact is never overlooked.

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My Favorites: Bouquets, Chocolate Covered Fruit, Travel and Sephora Gift Cards


Photo & Film

Add an extra $500 to any of the above packages to have an unforgettable memory of our time together.


Dinner/Lunch Dates

Dinner/lunch dates are available upon request with a minimum 4 hour booking. Imagine having me sitting next to you and you being the center of attention.



I have a strong attraction to women and find couples intriguing, but I do have an additional fee of $500 that applies.


FMTY sessions are always prioritized and available upon request with a 4 hour minimum booking plus first class travel and accommodation. The thought of coming to your city just to entertain you excites me even if it’s just for a few hours.
Per industry standard, I ask that my donation be in an envelope upon arrival and placed someplace within view. If we are meeting publicly kindly have the donation in a small gift bag and hand it to me upon arrival so we can focus on the fun part of our date!
Deposits, Cancelation, and Outcall fees may apply.
In date extensions are $800/hr. Discounts on a multi-hour booking are intended for those that have booked in advance.
I accept payments with Bitcoin

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